Recap of Episode 5 "The Military Base"

Welcome to the Recap of Episode 5 “The Military Base”

This week, after the garage challenge and a double elimination, we all felt better. We were over that hump and it was pretty smooth sailing. With what cast members were left, there was very stiff competition, but it was a fun group.

That morning we all woke up, met in the kitchen, and found another note from Clive that said, “Meet me at Applebee’s to get your next assignment, which will be for a deserving family.” Well, we all had our assumptions!

Off we went, and at this point we can all ride in the same van. We were absolutely exhausted and most of us slept on the way there (outside of the occasional joke by the crew slamming on the brakes to wake us up-funny boys). This challenge was actually not going to be in LA, so yea we actually had a night out with room service…

We arrived at Applebee’s and we ran in to see the infamous paint cans, of course. Clive told us to get behind our choice of can to determine teams. Six cans, six designers. We lifted our lids ” Lonni has a camera inside hers it was funny” and there were three gold stars and three silver stars. You can see from this photo –


Lonni, Nathan and myself were against Torie, Dan and Antonio. We were then given our challenge to work with a deserving family in the Military.

We had a chance to meet our clients over lunch and get some ideas of what they wanted and needed. Our clients were a young couple with small children. They themselves were huge gamers, and for those who don’t know that term (nor did I), its video games. So the space needed to be clean simple and with a lot of storage to house the over 1,000 movies and games.

After our lunch we were taken to the base where we checked out our new space to remake. On our van ride over we started to brainstorm, Nathan stepped up and said he wanted to build a custom built entertainment center, Lonni said she wanted to do some sort of chevron pattern on a wall, and I wanted to do the shopping.

After coming up with a plan we were ready for action. It was a living/dining combination that was in big time need of function. Carpet needed to be ripped out, walls needed a fresh coat of paint, sofas needed to be replaced, and storage needed to be added. After assessing the “shock and awe” we split up what needed to be done.

After the last challenge, Lonni and I been told that we did not take the lead, I waited to see if anyone was going to do it. Well, no one did so I assumed the role-Captain and Chief. This did not go over well, but my thought was that if I am the next to go at least I can say I stepped up and went out with a bang.

Nathan made his list and off to the hardware store he went “4 hours, this is not bad we all had to shop under the same time restraints, it just took for ever loading, travel and finding what you needed”. He had to get the items he needed and things for Lonni to make her wall. In the meantime Lonni and I started to score the carpet and take it out section by section. Gross! (Sorry but it was pretty bad.)

On a side note, no military housing has AC. What is up with that? We were sweating like pigs. By the time Nathan got back we had the carpet out and walls ready to be primed. No good-Nathan was not able to find the veneer that Lonni had asked for and it threw her to plan B; she always had a plan B. It may not have shown sometimes, but she did – Love ya Lonni J

Day one, I go off shopping to find the beige, L-Shaped sectional that was a sleeper. FYI- you had to buy what was on the floor at the furniture stores “ No Ordering.” Make it work. The day was done and we were feeling pretty good about what we had done. I think at this point my team wanted to stage a strike to step up to be head me.

Either way the next day I was out finishing shopping and trying to find the wood Lonni needed to start her project, I did finally find it, but it was way too late, she had started to pencil off and paint.

Nathan was in the back yard working on his project and kept pulling Lonni away to help cut the lumber needed. I was still out shopping; I went to eight stores in seven hours. When I arrived back I called the team to help me unload. Well, they didn’t like what I picked, but again “No Ordering” Beige L-Shaped Sectional sleeper-GOT IT.

It was funny all the neighbors were sitting in their driveways watching us and taking picture; we were entertainment to them. That night we had a group dinner in the back yard-Mexican.  It never was shown, beer, chips and salsa. Sleep!

Moving along, the next day Lonni’s chevron pattern is taking shape but Nathan’s entertainment center is not working out. He is having to change up his design to fit into what time we has left. We end up the day strong and my team still hates me, ha-ha. We get along, just not on this challenge. We were done, even though the wall, nor the entertainment center turned out, the room came together even with the furniture choices.

On the van ride back we were all wiped out and slept the entire ride. Dan was spread out on the van back seat, Lonni and I basically had our heads in each other’s laps.

Elimination, again very painful, but as the show has progressed we have become ok with the standing and being killed by the judges. Each team was called up front to explain what has happened and you can see team Antonio had issues over tan paint, I have to side with him on this one, we were on a tan military base.

Our team was then called down for our design lesson! I, of course, step up and say I was the leader and again my team is not happy, but oh well. I made it my best effort, and in the end it’s all about the clients anyway! The reveal (as they call it to the homeowners) was wonderful.

after military

We gave them everything they wanted in the space and they were very happy. With that reaction, all the stress and hard work that went behind it went out the window and the emotion of happiness came over me, I could not hold it back. You see what happened, and I said I would not cry on camera.

So, the bottom 2 again, Nathan and I.  I got in trouble for the furniture and Nathan got bashed because his of time management. The axe dropped and it was Nathan. Nathan I will see you soon. You are very talented designer and you have just begun to make your mark; I can only hope to catch you.

Stay tuned for next week and see who goes home next.