Room Fu VICTORY interview with Antonio Ballatore


Well this post is the best yet, its not about some one having to go home from HGTV Design Star, its all about who WON. Antonio Ballatora is your new HGTV Design Star season 4 winner. Check out the victory interview on Room Fu and great things he had to say.

Later Jason


Coolest house in America

Good evening,

Hope you are all well! So my house is on the market and I wanted to share some info, has posted the house as one of the coolest houses in America. Hell yeah! If you have not check it out and let me know what you think!

Later Jason


Episode 2 Kitchen Challenge

Welcome to the recap of Episode Two “The Kitchen

After working on the first challenge for four days straight, a “total 12 days into the competition”, and totally exhausted we got one day to hang by the pool or sleep. It took some adjustment to adapt to the work schedule and long hours. One element of the show everyone needs to know, and everyone that has been on a show like this will tell you, is that “Confessionals are Interviews,” which typically start somewhere around 2AM and last until 5am.

During the confessional you have your chance to talk through your decisions of the day, dish on other contestants, or just plow through it to go to bed and have some sense of rest before chaos starts over in the morning.

Morning started coming quicker, harder, and faster every day. Yes, I did sleep on the bunk beds and they faced east, which was a nice wake up in comparison to TV cameras and spotlights (which, don’t get me wrong, were fantastic). [Read more…]