Flower to Fashion

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We all have heard (or know) that interior design closely follows trends in fashion. We see it in the forms of colors, shape, textures & contrast. Another great principle to tag along inspiration for interior design is nature. The environment offers so many great ideas and design directions for any space. Many designers have created some of the most successful interiors by utilizing the concept of bringing the outdoors in.


If you haven’t already heard, this year’s color pick from Pantone (a leading color authority) is Honeysuckle (18-2120TCX). The color is versatile and fits in with every changing season. Honeysuckle is a dynamic shade and carries with it a burst of red, which is very engaging, and pink which can be quite soft and enchanting.


As a plant, honeysuckle blooms from mid-spring and the flowers last often into mid autumn & carry with it a sweet fragrance. There are several types of pink honeysuckles, the Pink Tatarian, Pam’s Pink and the Pink Honeysuckle Vine. The first is more of a shrub is quite reliable and can grow up to 12 feet. Pam’s Pink Honeysuckles grow with a twining vine and the bluish green foliage the flowers bloom from make a beautiful contrast. Pam’s blooms are not quite as fragrant as the others. Lastly, the Pink Honeysuckle Vine tends to grow in a clump and close to the ground unless it is given a trellis or fence to climb up. It is extremely fragrant and often attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.  All three types are very easy to grow in any home garden and are tolerable in many different conditions, including heat, drought and salt.

 Translating the beautiful color from the honeysuckle and carrying it directly indoors can make for an absolutely gorgeous interior (and it’s just as easy as growing the plant yourself).

Honeysuckle can be interpreted as a soft hue or as bold as you wish. For a softer surprise, add energetic hints to interior spaces by adding patterned pillows, bedspreads small appliances, rugs, drapes & accessories in honeysuckle. Pair the shade with white, gray or brown for a more mellow room. If you are going for a bold and vivacious interior, perk up the space by painting an accent wall or all the walls in a kitchen, living room or hallway. If you add sophisticated pieces and clean elements along with honeysuckle walls, it will keep your space from looking to girly or cutesy. There is no doubt that by incorporating this festive shade, it will make an incredibly striking & successful look.

These pics prove that blushing hues work in many different spaces…

 Now, let’s talk shopping. Honeysuckle has been incorporated into women’s fashions since the color made its debut on Pantone’s fav list this year. It’s eye catching, happy and works great for both day and night. It’s perfect for spring & summer.

All the runways were vibrant boasting the color of the year…

And of course the celebs are all sporting this vibrant color…

Here are a few easy ways to know how to best wear this lovely shade…

1/ Know your Complexionhoneysuckle looks best on skin tones in a medium shade.  If your skin is a bit lighter, opt for a lighter version; if you’re dark, go for a more bold hue.  Honeysuckle, in different shades, can compliment all skin tones, so find the one that you feel the best in.

2/ Go Simple – If you’re not used to wearing vibrant colors, start small.  A splash of honeysuckle will invigorate your look, either with pale neutrals or dark colors.  Try it in small doses first… a scarf, a handbag or jewelry.  Once you’re at ease, you can add in a top, a sweet cardigan or even a dress to get the utmost benefit from this look.

3/ Mix & Match – Try honeysuckle teamed with charcoal gray or chocolate to boost your cool weather look.  For the ultimate spring/summer look, pair it with whites and soft aqua. Gold accessories and shoes will make a honeysuckle outfit just sparkle!

4/ Pretty inPink – Add honeysuckle hues to your makeup bad this year.  Paint those nails & toes, brush on some blush & line those lips in honeysuckle for a fresh and lively and fresh look.

I went looking for some of the hottest fashion items & found a TON of fabulous looking accessories, dresses & bags in this honeysuckle hue…

1. Pink Ruffle Dress by Target

2. Dior Addict Lipstick by Nordstrom

3. Kissing Frog Belt by Kate Spade

4. Blush by Smashbox

5. Wallet by Prada

6. Ballerina Shoes by Prada

7. Clutch Wallet by Ted Baker

8. Purse by Kate Spade

9. Honeysuckle Watch by Juicy Couture

10. Flowered Earrings by Betsey Johnson

11. Tennis Shoes by Puma

12. Cocktail Dress by Lilly Pulitzer 

{Pics courtesy of Jason Champion Design, IVillage, Pantone, Trouvailles & Runway Daily}

Honeysuckle is a versatile color that works not only in nature, but translates beautifully both in fashion & in interior design. Using elements of this shade will liven up any space and create a lasting impression. So, tell me… is it your pick for the year too? What colors have you blushing? Have you incorporated Honeysuckle into your wardrobe or home? Dish it…


Recap of episode 7 "The Longest Yard"

Recap of Episode 7 “the longest yard

HI everyone,

Even though I was not on the show I wanted to give my opinions and maybe some tips on how it could have been better. Ok final four 25K to build out a 10,000 sq ft yard. To HGTV this is totally unrealistic.

The FINAL 4, Torie, Dan, Antonio and Lonni. Congrats on making it this far, I was sorry to see Torie go home, I love them all but there is no pop of personality now. Lonni has not been edited to show she is funny, Dan has shown some of his funny side but its all been to serious, which he is. Antonio, my bro, good for you taking charge but you know I would have rocked that challenge and for once not been in the bottom.

First, there was not real design plan on what and how. The client wanted tropical Zen garden with play space. You got play space but where is the Zen. River rock is a great way to bring that in but as little as you guys used it made no sense.

Second, the White vinyl “box hardware store” Pergola. Why why why? You could have gotten that thing for half the cost if you had negotiated. Dan you jumped right on it. Torie gave you 5K in the van and I know you guys were dead tired an I see how that could have been misinterpreted, but 10K come on, its plastic.

Third, the water feature, thank god there was something existing that gave somewhat of a Zen fell to the garden. Water is always as great way to bring in sight and sound.

Forth, the pool deck, this was a great opportunity to have brought in a bolder color instead of just plain grey. You can stain concrete or at least given it a pattern. You could have also softened the edges with some gentle curves.

Fifth, NO colored plants, guys come to Florida and see things in bloom its not all green. You could have gone crazy with some Birds of Paradise, hibiscus or even an orchid tree, very fragrant and beautiful red and white blooms.

Lastly some tips to making a Zen Garden.

  1. More rock
  2. More water, a rectangular 2” high 12” reflection pool, just deep enough to lay in gives you a pool and a great Zen fell.
  3. 4qty 4×4 post with a bikini top in a bright fabric to give the same effect of a pergola but much more stylish and Zen and CHEAPER.
  4. ART, find a great sculpture. It takes up a huge amount of space, plus you could use the bench from my first room.
  5. Furniture, drop the woven crap it is so done. You could have found some vintage metal or aluminum and painted bright colors.

Stay tuned to next week to see what happens and who goes home.

Later Jason