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Hey Everyone!

Well as you all know this week I got the BOOT. To be honest, it was not a shock! Personally, my room was a wreck, BUT my hosting skills were spot on. If you watched my exit interview I said this will not be the last you see of me, so just get ready the cream puff will be back! I finally broke down and read some of the comments and to my surprise “You like me, you really like” to quote Sally Field from the 80’s academy awards.


Jason did get ripped off; this week Tori should have gone home, and I say that with Tori being my 3rd favorite. Jason has excellent hosting abilities and design ideas – he does need help in executing his ideas with the time limits. Jason and Antonio working together would be the perfect Design Star match: Antonio, the Tony Soprano of design, and Jason, Glenda-the-good-witch of design


Will definitely miss Jason’s cute personality…only one on the show to have hosting ability and very likable demeanor.

Alana Ginette

Jason is – was so funny 😀 lol He is a great designer, with a great personality that makes you want to smile whenever you see him. He is good, but he really bommed that room! The only colors were pink and black! Would it hurt to add some other colors in there? Besides gray? I have to give him credit for the bed, though. I kinda liked it 😀


I think Jason got “sandbagged”. Did the Judges hire the worker that did nothing for 4 hours? He was not my favorite designer, but this wasn’t fair to him. Probably wanted an excuse to cancel his show.


P.S. I think Jason had a cute sense of humor – and a good heart, to boot.


I agree with a lot of what you said, but I don’t think Jason got ripped off, nor do I think Lonni’s room was particularly good. I thought it was horribly incomplete.


Jason handled the carpenter problem reasonably well, but in the end, that was hardly enough to boost his standings in the eyes of the judges. It was a fair call to end his run on the show.


I also think that Jason was awesome in this. He has the best qualities and style sense. The final three should be Jason,Dan,and Torie.And then have Dan be voted off and then Jason and Torie should win.

David’s V-Blog Jason got ripped off

Jason Champion Room Fu exit interview

Jason Champion HGTV Design Star Room Fu exit interview


Tashica Morgan Room Fu exit interview

Tashica Morgan Room Fu exit interview

Tashica, see you soon. Eliminate was not handled well, just remember you are still bigger than Vern.

PS Im Rick!

Episode 4 "The Garage" first ever for Design Star

Welcome to the recap of Episode four: a first ever for HGTV Design Star-“The Garage”

So what did you think? First ever garage challenge with double elimination? I have to say this was the most fun challenge up to this point. The day started out early with Clive in the driveway honking the horn on the vans.

As you can see I was the first up, and I asked if they had gotten anyone else up. It always seemed to be me first; was there something behind that? Once we got outside, the hammer dropped as always, Clive announced how teams were going to be formed: “Step in front of the van you want.” If you noticed Antonio and I made the gesture that this was our van. [Read more…]