Color Therapy

As you all know but have not yet seen, I am on Season 4 of HGTV Design Star.  The show is fantastic and if you have not seen it before you have to check it out.  You may have seen some of the commercials and noticed Jen a color designer from San Diego. Well, this blog is in honor of her and my personal thoughts on color.

Color Therapy:

A Color’s power to shape the way we feel about a room is almost magical.

Consciously or Un-consciously, very often it’s the first thing we notice.

The wrong color can almost literally repel us, whereas the right color will immediately draw us in.

Color has the power to add character to a dull space,

Soften a harsh one; make a room feel warm or cold, intimate or expansive.

Yet finding the right color can be extremely challenging for even the most experienced designers.

Our taste in color is so personal and because a given color will look quite different depending on its setting, its almost impossible to provide anything beyond general guidelines.

Keep checking back, I will keep you updated on my whereabouts, events and fun tips of the design trade, and of course some good gossip from the show.