At Home with Candice

Divine Design? This week I caught up on some gossip about celebs and designer alike in the latest issue of People Magazine. That’s right, HGTV’S Divine Designer, Candice Olsen, was featured in a two page spread about how design takes place in her own home. Check it out…

People Magazine

Like her style, love her ideas about the importance of durability in a home where a husband, two children and a dog occupy. Living in a magazine isn’t always possible with constant toys around, kids snacking and a furry friend hanging out! She learned how to satisfy and balance the designer within her with the wife & mom role she lives out daily.

Want To Steal a Few of Her Secrets?

–          She dresses up her spaces with great accessories

–          She selects fabulous fabrics that are going to last through the snacks, snuggles & more…

–          Creating a space that is well designed is all about  “function and balance”

Now for those of you who watched me design my way through HGTV’S Design Star, do any of you recognize anything from Candice’s house you might have seen before?

So did I! So, now is that really Divine Designing?? What do you guys think?

Here’s a snapshot from my days at Design Star. In this challenge I was paired up with color designer, Jen Guerin, where we designed a room with a modern “lodge look”.

Jason & Jen's Design

The Astro turf rug, the animal ottoman, the metallic painted wall and the white oak hand carved animal heads all played an integral part in making the room such a success.

Now, let’s take a look and compare the two…


Candice must have liked our space Jen! Did she “borrow” our animal ideas or what? What’s your opinion? Do tell.

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