Virginia College "Salvage in the City"


This past week was a big trip, I was the guest of honor at “Salvage in the City” hosted by Virginia College in Birmingham where I was one of the first classes to graduate with a Bachelors of Applied Arts in Interior Design. It was great to be back and share my experiences of the past 10 years in the design field, the trials and tribulations and TV.

Breaking into the design field is hard work to stay ahead you must open yourself up for new challenges and never take no for an answer. The students were excited to hear my journey of just starting out to ending up on HGTV.

As part of my arrival home the students participated in a design challenge, “The White Wall” with 36 hours and 200 dollar budget they must create something spectacular. They could use borrowed items and refurbished items. My favorite was of the Metropolitan Chic and the fall dining room.



The best part of my trip was seeing some of my teachers “Sarah” and the director “Jamie” of my department.


My trip was wonderful, it was great seeing every one that has been a part of my design career and of course those who kicked my butt to be strong and confident.

Just as side notes I made several appearances on local TV stations and I meet some very interesting people that are also shaping the future of the design field, one person in particular was Robert Lee of Cullman Liquidation. Robert Lee is a YouTube sensation with his direct and funny commercial selling his trailers not mansions but trailers.


Thanks for the warm welcome back home! Julie you rock thanks for shuffling me around all over town.