Episode 4 "The Garage" first ever for Design Star

Welcome to the recap of Episode four: a first ever for HGTV Design Star-“The Garage”

So what did you think? First ever garage challenge with double elimination? I have to say this was the most fun challenge up to this point. The day started out early with Clive in the driveway honking the horn on the vans.

As you can see I was the first up, and I asked if they had gotten anyone else up. It always seemed to be me first; was there something behind that? Once we got outside, the hammer dropped as always, Clive announced how teams were going to be formed: “Step in front of the van you want.” If you noticed Antonio and I made the gesture that this was our van.

Jumping into action, Lonni, Jany, Torie, Antonio and I stepped in front of the same van. Well Lonni, I touched it first and you lost – ha-ha. It was very clear no one really wanted to be on Tashica’s team, so after a bit of negotiation, Lonni went with Dan, Nathan and Tashica.

She was really not happy about it, as seen in confessionals. Lonni and Dan did not want to work with her. Understandably, she is slower and talks all the time. That does not mean she is a bad designer, but most of this game is time management.

We got into our respective vans and headed to our new home for the next three days. The goal was to finish “again” and win the challenge. We got on site and met the homeowners in the back yard with the DOOR closed. OMG, after the list of wants that was as long as I was tall-Hampton’s beach house, not Mexico, writing space plus work out space, entertaining area on and on and on- they opened the door and, for real, it was a complete mess.

Mess Mess Mess

After inspection of the floor, we knew it was awful. There was earthquake damage like crazy. The floor literally was 3” higher in some places posing a huge risk for what we have to turn this space into.

We got to planning right away and Antonio came up with the solution. (THANK God you are a wiz with tools Antonio!) So, we sent him off to the lumber yard to get everything necessary to get the job done. Torie, Jany and I sat to discuss the floor plan and color scheme. Yeah, I picked the colors, again not really knowing how the judges would react seeing they have put me in the bottom three every week.

After two hours of talking floor plan and furniture needed, we start to clear the garage. Mess, mess, mess! How in the world people let stuff pile up like that I have no clue. Garage was cleared and just in time because Antonio just got back from the lumberyard. So we got to unloading tons and tons of plywood, MDF, etc.  We got a lot accomplished on day one and we were feeling great.  When we got back to our house we had dinner, and as a team we sat and made a list of things to handle the next day.

We could tell the other team was struggling with leadership and construction issues. So with that in mind we also, as a team, started to drink and have a good time. Coors Light, Torie.

The next day came very early. Torie and Jany headed out to go shopping. Antonio and I started to finish the floor. I used the table saw like a pro and really wasn’t sure if I would cut my fingers or hand off. I figured it was just a matter of time.

Everything seemed to fall into place as we got the floor finished just as Torie and Jany got back from shopping, so we all started to unload.  Painting was next step. We got the wainscoting up and got the priming started. As we finish painting we are at the end of day two!  We knew tomorrow would be easier because we had the bulk of things done. All we needed to do was place the furniture and clean and we would be done!

That night at the house, tension was mounting between us and the other team. You can see it is clearly divided. Their floor solution was not turning out to be the best idea-what a platform!

On the last day, everyone had their tasks and we went to it. It was going to be up to the minute, but we knew we could pull through it and make it happen. We were pretty confident we had this one in the bag.  At the last minute, Antonio and I were picking with each other and that’s why you hear him call me a sissy. What you did not hear me say was “old man.” Antonio and I are friends and it was funny in the context of what was happening.

Finished room

Close up

Elimination-again very painful hours on end standing in the same spot. They called each team and picked us apart with the good and bad.  This week was a good week for me, I had a lot of voice in the room and it translated.

As you can see everyone turned on Tashica and the axe came down. We actually all thought that the way it happened was not good. Tashica is a great person, but girl, you talk way too much J. Poor Jany just got lost in the shuffle and was called textbook. That’s not the case. She has a lot of talent and will do very well for herself (or she can be a Latin dancer – haha).

Jany and Tashica it was fun and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Jany, put the wine down and Tashica, I’m Rick James. Now there are six designers left. Tune in this week, Sunday night at 10/9c HGTV Design Star.

Later, Jason