Episode 3 White Wall grocery store!

First, Jen you rock and I love you; your work and our friendship mean the world to me.

White Wall Grocery Store $1,000 Budget:

Day whatever into the competition, our bodies and minds are almost shot.  WE knew it was going to be the white wall challenge and were so excited about working alone at this point. Our work had been design by committee, which typically gets the most blah room you can get. You all have seen what has come out of this type of work.

What you guys don’t get to see is the tight friendships that are forming. Jen and I roomed and worked together on the first two challenges and our white walls were next to each other.  Our minds are the same and we think of design as an expression of our daily lives and what we find to be cool or hip and ODD.

Shopping at a grocery store can have its challenges but it was not for lack of money. Do you know how far $1,000 goes in a grocery store? Although it was very funny because every designer shopped as if we were on our own budget, buying sale items. Discounted shampoo for Torie and me with 50% off Matzo.

We were given two paint choices at $25 a can, which came from our budgets. We had one hour to shop and run nuts in the store. Food fights were encouraged! Antonio and I headed for the produce department literally throwing watermelons at each other; my socks are still stained with juice. Spaghetti sauce and chicken broth were the next items we were covered in; needless to say there was a lot of fun on this challenge.

So Lonni’s room was a cool concept and the clear plastic cups were the backdrop, but for some reason they were not sticking with hot glue or liquid nails to stay on the wall. Come to find out she had exterior paint, not interior.  She was going to light them from the bottom to give the room an overall glow.  As a side note she changed direction mid stream when she saw the cups were not going to work, which was far before 20 minutes. We all came to the rescue to help, none of us wanted to see her go home because of not finishing, we wanted to be judged fairly and beat her – HAHAHAHA, Lonni you know that’s a joke.

Antonio, we had this conversation and we both come up with the same “general” concept of the starburst. He also bought all the flowers before any of us could get our hands on them. Our produce run and motor cart race were fun and as I said earlier, my socks are still stained from watermelon. Your room was clean fun and electric, you fruit.

Nathan, my first thought was WOW. I think the milk was a great idea and very creative in the application. Your sofa should be in the LV spring line. I still don’t understand the heavy crossbeam you built? The oranges and holding them together with paper clips was smart and wonderful, your room actually covered the smell of the rest of our rooms.

Jany, RESPECT, I think I just figured that out, and if it is what I think, it was “ brilliant.” Our colors were similar and I like the pattern wall. The best part of your room was the sconces of cheerios and watching you thread each of those for hours.

Mr. Dan, if anyone was prepared for this show man it was you. The chopping of the wood was getting annoying and loud in that large open room but it worked.  You stressing about the light and the bag of apples in the corner was funny. If that was the only thing you had to worry about you had nothing to worry about. I knew when I saw your room that you won that challenge and of course you did.

Tashica, girl, you almost lost your leg on this challenge. Your sofa was great and you finally got praise for something. Right? Overall I felt your room was well put together and looked nice. It’s funny how they showed your “mistakes” like they did on all of ours, but really focused on that this week for you. You made it though.

Jen your room stunk, literally. Public you have no idea what hot glue smells like on seaweed-oh it’s bad. Our rooms were next to each other with dog food and sea life; actually it’s surf and turf.  Too bad no one got to see the sticky hook rice paper chandelier, which was one of the highlights in the room. Instead, it was hanging like a fishing gig on the wall, which could have been intentional. The bear rugs were great and everyone loved them. But still, your room stunk like red tide in August.

Torie, girl you pulled that southern pink charm out on this one. I liked it and you executed it well. Did you talk to Genevieve before the show to see what she was wearing? What happened to the shampoo pool? I wanted to see that. You by far stayed the most calm, and it showed on camera.

Jason– I wanted to do something outside of produce, which was expected. Dog food and crackers are found in a grocery store so I went with it. I wanted loud, bold and simple so I went with Pedigree yellow bags. My original concept was to wallpaper the walls with the bags but product placement was not allowed so my dogs could not be seen. Plan B was to cut the bags into stripes and weave them together to make a stencil to paint with, hence the squares on the wall and behind the side tables. I used the Matzo crackers as decals on the back wall, which were on brown craft paper “wallpaper”.

My pillows were toboggans and my cushions on the bench were aprons. I cut the side table in half to give me one for each side of the sofa. The dog food was the rug and bordered with Matzo, I like balance, which my room achieved. The best item that did not get seen was my sofa. I laid a plastic tablecloth over the sofa, which had a cut out pattern; I painted over that to give the illusion that the sofa had been reupholstered. Overall I was very happy with my room and it was finished very well. It was the first challenge where no flaws were picked out for me. Although the judges did not like the “blahness,” I’m still on the show racing for the title of the Next Design Star.

Just a couple of notes that did not make it on the show:

  1. After this challenge was over, I made everyone take a shot of tequila!
  2. Dinner that night was fun and someone (no names) had a great time and had to go to bed early.
  3. Jen had to go and that broke my heart, sleeping in the same bedroom you get to know someone real quickly. Jen is an amazing spirit and this will not be the last time you see her.
  4. My quote of, “I was nervous,” actually was, “ I was nervous using produce not knowing how it would react over night and the possibility of my design changing.”

This week was fun and it again reminded us it’s a competition.

Friendships formed on this show that will run longer than our 15 minutes.

Check back next week to hear the dish on the garage-who did what and the old man calling me a &*%%&; it’s good don’t worry.