Episode 2 Kitchen Challenge

Welcome to the recap of Episode Two “The Kitchen

After working on the first challenge for four days straight, a “total 12 days into the competition”, and totally exhausted we got one day to hang by the pool or sleep. It took some adjustment to adapt to the work schedule and long hours. One element of the show everyone needs to know, and everyone that has been on a show like this will tell you, is that “Confessionals are Interviews,” which typically start somewhere around 2AM and last until 5am.

During the confessional you have your chance to talk through your decisions of the day, dish on other contestants, or just plow through it to go to bed and have some sense of rest before chaos starts over in the morning.

Morning started coming quicker, harder, and faster every day. Yes, I did sleep on the bunk beds and they faced east, which was a nice wake up in comparison to TV cameras and spotlights (which, don’t get me wrong, were fantastic).

Challenge 2: We had no idea what the challenge was going to be and everyone had some ideas. NO one ever said “Kitchen” because they are typically later in the season.

So just after breakfast we gathered in the workspace and of course there were the infamous Design Star paint cans, 10 placed neatly on bar stools ready for the picking. It was our choice to choose any stool and stand behind it.
As we stood there, our minds were going nuts trying to figure out what in the world we were about to do. Clive told us to lift off the lids, and two people cheered, Amy and Nathan. They both had gold stars on the lids, which meant they were team captains. I really, really wanted team captain to sort of redeem myself from the past week.

Pulling Nate and Amy out of the group, Clive told them its playground style picking. Off they went and the teams ended up as:
Team Amy: Tashica, Dan, Lonni and Jany
Team Nathan: Antonio, Jason, Jen and Torie

Both captains felt pretty confident about their choices, then Clive announced it’s the “Kitchen Challenge.” You could see Amy’s face and she was worried. Everyone was worried because the manpower that goes behind demolishing and rebuilding a kitchen in 24 hours is almost impossible for a team of five. Good picking Nate on getting Antonio and myself for the muscle, ha-ha. Day end.

The next day was early; we were at the homeowners around 7am. After meeting the homeowner for about 45 minutes we got a sense of what she wanted. After the meeting we split up and started to move. If you noticed I am bent over with a drill-I stepped up and wanted to handle demo. I took cabinet doors off and then took the sledgehammer and went to swinging. With help from Torie and Nate the demo was done; they took most of all the broken cabinets to the trash, thank God.

Jen and Antonio went shopping for cabinets, flooring and the paint. They got back much later than expected and Nate was frustrated as team leader. Well, not only was Nate frustrated, we as a team were. Time was ticking and we needed to accomplish a lot that first day to move on. Jen went to painting, giving us instructions of what to do and where it goes. Antonio and I got to hanging the cabinets.

The funniest part of the first night working was the power. The power continued to blow every time the table saw started, it was DARK. Antonio was pissed and throwing tools. The house looked like a disco it was going on and off so much, it became funny.

The next day Nate and I went shopping for accessories. The only store that had anything close to what we needed was World Market, which as you know has a very specific look. We got what we “needed” then we headed back to help finish up.

Candice Olson
“The eclectic accessories give this kitchen a lived-in feeling, like a real family lives here (which they do!), rather than looking like it was just “done.” I would have hung the Moroccan pendants over the bar counter, where they would have impact without getting in the way of working at the island.”

Antonio and I finished hanging the cabinets. Done. We started cleaning and fluffing and were almost done! We were going to be the first team in Design Star history to finish the kitchen! Hell yea! What a great feeling. BUT in literally the last two minutes, the vent over the stove came crashing down. You can see in the videos I almost wet my pants, Torie screamed, it was mess and a key component in the room was about to be left out. Hey girl hey, Antonio came to the rescue!

We had no idea what the other team had done or completed. That night we all got to hang out and discuss what had happened, and Team Amy was not happy. They told us what happened on the counter tops and cabinets.
We knew we had it in the bag and knew who was going home from the other team, Tashica. Team Amy had a hard time working with her because of the constant talking. (Tashica I love you and told you directly one time “we know you are here so just calm down and breathe.” ☺)

Then it was time for elimination. Again it was a very painful time with hours on end standing in place. For everyone watching the show, eliminations are a minimum of 12-15 hours of standing in the same place, edited down to that 3-minute spot. Each team received praise and criticism.

You know the outcome and our faces in the green room were a natural reaction that Tashica was still there. Amy, as team captain, was made into an example.

“I think that everyone in America, and all over the world for that matter, thinks that the judges blew this one! As for their decision, that puts my boy Jason, who by the way is totally HOT, closer to winning the whole show! In my personal opinion, even though Antonio is great at building things, he’s a little too butch to be on this channel.”

Tune in next week for the white wall challenge (hint, hint-you better like food).
P.S. Amy- bang bang bang bang, much love. See you soon ☺