Christmas early

Hi all,

So when Coldwell Banker Residential approached me to do Christmas before Halloween, I though they were crazy, 26 hours a very limited budget and a 13 million dollar estate, WHAT! I have to say it was great because I had full creative control to do what I pleased. I need to stress a very very  limited  budget with help from Nellie’s Deli catering, Sacs and bevena flowers I pulled it off.

I had a blast with the help of my trustee assistant Sabrina “stuffie stuff” so course she filmed what I was doing and unexpected. I took a beige dinning room and turned it into a white winter wonderland of Lilly’s, crystals and gold ornaments. This look can be achieved with any budget I used plastic ornaments and faux garland mixed with fresh flowers and white lights. I know you know at this point I am not a fan of permanent  botanical but when needed they come in handy.

Here are some before and afters what do you think?






I do have have some Do’s and Don’ts for decorating for Christmas take note Im watching….

•    Save money by mixing glass ornaments with plastic ornaments. They often look the same.
•    Use various shades of a few colors instead of lots of different colors.
•    Set your alarm early on Christmas to hit the sales Dec. 26. Champion plans to be in line at 5 a.m. at Target that morning to score Christmas ornaments at 75% to 80% off.
•    Use small pops of bright colors and shiny material.

•    Use too many colors.
•    Buy fake flowers, In moderation  
•    Be afraid to get rid of old decorations.

Stay tuned for more Christmas tips as the time gets closer to the Holidays, it is only 62 days away…..

FYI – I love the Observer for covering my design work.